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Tony Lucas


Tony Lucas, President of the Real Estate Development & Investments Division of L.I.V.E. Inc., is one of the leading real estate advisors and mortgage consultants in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area.  With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, his journey has taken him from Mortgage Broker to Developer, from Real Estate Agent to Investor, all being done with two common elements, a love for the business and a love for the people that he meets daily.  This love has helped him build some of the strongest industry relationships while establishing very important rapport with individuals who strive to be the best at what they do, including celebrities, top executives, top line developers and major lending institutions.

Understanding his clients’ desire to dream and being able to help them achieve their dream is at the heart of what drives him to be the best he can be. For many, buying or selling a home can be a very emotional process that requires the guidance of an expert when deciding what’s best. Taking time to get to know the clients on a personal level while building a professional relationship is imperative to establishing a foundation of trust and the basis for helping them achieve their housing goals.

Tony attributes his success to his “TEAM”, which has equipped him with vast marketing and advertising strategies, market knowledge, diversified partnerships, exclusive contact base and a true love for the business.  He works with an approach of hard work and dedication, while encompassing an eye for detail and a need to explore all options. Dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s ensures that he protects his clients best interest at all times. So whether it’s Development or Investing, buying or selling, loans or consulting advice, he is always there for his clients and when you’re ready, he’ll be there for you.